Learn an instrument. Form a band. Write original songs. Play gigs. After school!

Grades 8-12, all music levels, girls, trans, nonbinary welcome

Building on over 10 years of summer camp, Girls Rock! DC is proud to offer our Girls Rock! After School Program. GR!ASP is an 8-10 week program held throughout the school year that teaches empowerment to girls, gender-nonconforming youth, and trans youth through music education. Each student learns an instrument, forms a band, and performs their original song at a local DC music venue! They also learn skills they can use to contribute to their community through workshops and group discussions. Following this summer’s successful Virtual Youth Camp, we are updating our GR!ASP programming to run virtually so as best to serve our youth and take care of our community’s health!

Request GR!ASP at your school!

We love partnering with schools in all four quadrants of DC!

If you want to bring GR!ASP to your school, please have an administrator reach out to Frankie at Frankie@girlsrockdc.org.

GR!ASP costs a school $3,500-$5,500 per session, depending on length of program.

What’s it like at GR!ASP you ask?!

GR!ASP is an after-school program for small groups of girls, nonbinary youth, and trans youth in grades eight through 12. Over eight to 10 weeks, professional musicians from the DC area coach GR!ASPers in learning guitar, bass, vocals, and/or drums. They give tools and guidance while GR!ASPers write original songs. And they teach the youth how to command the stage. Along the way, youth learn about community building and other life skills through GR!ASP workshops.

Learn vocals, bass, drums, or guitar!

We will teach eighth-12th graders to play the instrument of their choice and offer guidance in songwriting workshops. No music knowledge is needed! We can even provide the instruments! At the end of a GR!ASP session, the youth perform at a local music venue!

an image of illustrated instrument icons: Voice with a microphone, a Guitar, a drumset, a speaker, a bass, and a Keyboard

GR!ASP coaches are paid!

GR!ASP band coaches are paid positions! Band coaches are local musicians that can take students from basic lessons to the stage. They teach students the basics of their instrument, basic song writing techniques for that instrument, and song construction. Then they psych students up to perform their original songs for the show.

Get involved with GR!ASP!

Musicians are encouraged to apply to be paid band coaches and counselors with GR!ASP! You’ll need to be able to play an instrument (drums, guitar, bass, or vocals) and commit to working with youth for eight to 10 weeks. Learn more by reaching out to Frankie.

NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: Girls Rock! DC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, body type, physical ability, gender expression, or other individual identities in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarships, and other Camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer policies and activities. All Camp activities will promote and maintain the personal and emotional safety of all campers and staff. We do not tolerate racism, homophobia, sexism, or other discriminatory behavior or expression.