Girls Rock! DC’s leadership strives to represent our community and be true to our inclusive mission.

Adult and Youth leaders guide our programming and fulfill our mission.

Past and present members of the GR!DC Leadership Team

GR!DC’s Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors consists of five great folks that are super devoted to Girls Rock! DC and come with skills and experience that help build capacity, but most essentially, reflect our youth and their potential.

Girls Rock! DC is recruiting new Board Members on a rolling basis through Spring 2024. We are seeking Board Members that are dedicated to the Girls Rock! DC mission, share our values, reflect our diverse community, and have time and resources to be an ambassador for and steward of the organization. Click here to learn more and apply!

Lindsey Wahowiak

Board Chair

Nyaka Mwanza


Nicole Williams


Diana Thu-Thao Rhodes


Janice Carroll


Yuliana Quinones


Nichole Savage


GR!DC’s Youth Leaders

At GR!DC we do all we can to make sure youth voices are heard, and for that, they need to be amplified.

Our Youth Leaders are teens that meet to strengthen their communication and leadership skills and make GR!DC more youth-driven. They give young folks a louder voice in deciding GR!DC’s priorities, direction, and major organizational decisions.


Youth Leaders commit to working with Girls Rock! DC for minimum six months. They can serve multiple terms, there is no limit. They will spend 20 hours per month on Youth Leader responsibilities. Youth Leaders will be compensated for their hard work with a stipend. Youth Leaders help with outreach and advertising for Girls Rock! DC and have the opportunity to design and lead events, workshops and other activities throughout the year.

Email if you’re interested in learning about being a Youth Leader.

GR!DC Staff

Noel Schroeder

Executive Director

Noel Schroeder is an activist, educator, and organizer in Washington, D.C. with more than decade of leadership in nonprofit management. As Executive Director of Girls Rock! DC, Noel spearheaded the transition of GR!DC from an all-volunteer leadership structure to a sustainable, inclusive staffing model. They manage the internal administration and strategy of the organization, and co-design and implement programs.

Noel is also the Finance Coordinator for Power Shift Network, and youth climate justice network, and provides strategic coaching and justice-centered training for organizations and collectives. In past roles, Noel was the Director of Programs at Women Thrive Alliance, a Teacher Trainer for the Peace Corps in Indonesia, and a teenage anti-war rabble-rouser.

Noel is a core organizer with Ward 2 Mutual Aid and a big fan of creating fiber art, baked goods, and jangly guitar noises.

Frankie Amitrano

Program Director

GR!DC Coordinators and Associates

Coordinators and Associates are part-time contractors that work with Girls Rock! DC year-round to implement our programs and support the organization!

Tylene Harrell

Administrative Coordinator

Sirra Faal

Communications Coordinator

Fabiola Castro

Program Associate

Lily Monico

Outreach Associate

Taylor Alphonso

Fundraising Associate

NONDISCRIMINATION POLICY: Girls Rock! DC does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, body type, physical ability, gender expression, or other individual identities in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarships, and other Camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer policies and activities. All Camp activities will promote and maintain the personal and emotional safety of all campers and staff. We do not tolerate racism, homophobia, sexism, or other discriminatory behavior or expression.